Inclusion of Diverse Perspectives


The SASCO Center is committed to increasing inclusion of scientists from historically marginalized backgrounds and introducing antiracist research practices within its research activities. We will take proactive steps to recognize and lower the systematic barriers that have led to marginalization of certain groups in cancer research. We utilize the pilot funding mechanism, coupled with proactive outreach and mentorship to increase representation and support career success of women and members of historically marginalized backgrounds. Additionally, we seek to improve research awareness within the Center about how institutionalized racism has resulted in white-centered experimental systems and bias in conventional citation practices. The Administrative Core supports an annual event that includes community members and couples with summer activities of the Outreach Core as part of its Plan to Enhance Diverse Perspectives.  Kristen Naegle presented at our September meeting, Enhancing Diverse Perspectives: Striving to break out of the default -becoming more antiracist, the slides are available HERE.  Kevin Janes introduced the NCI sponsored Continuing Umbrella of Research Experiences (CURE) program in September.   Andrea Denton presented at our November meeting, Citation Diversity, the slides are available HERE.